Karens Who Got What They Deserved
This Is Why I Have Trust Issues
Things I Learned On Tik Tok
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Tik Tok Pranks That Went Too Far
Popular Girl Fat Shames Student...
Craziest Karens Caught On Camera
Mark harris
Mark harris Orë më parë
i am 10.amd i am sigl
Fornax Quark
Fornax Quark Orë më parë
Eggs come out dry and hard... a pullet egg (hen's first egg) is usually really small and sometimes soft as well which can also happen in older hens. :) I own a bunch of chickens, ducks and geese :P
IAmThe4Gotten1 Orë më parë
"when i grow up i want to be rainbow sparkle" -Lia 2021
Royal Icequeen
Royal Icequeen Orë më parë
I agree with the half hair getting shaved off when its on bottom. It feels a lot cooler
Orlagh Kean
Orlagh Kean Orë më parë
Michael Sharkey
Michael Sharkey Orë më parë
I’m so late, but this video made me wish I were here.
SylSta Orë më parë
ti m
ti m Orë më parë
I'd punch the Karen who acted like she owned the apartment literally punch her I got so triggered after seeing that
Richard Wigginton
Richard Wigginton Orë më parë
Don’t tell me you mother is hillary
Matty Does Stuff
Matty Does Stuff Orë më parë
Beverly is a Beverly Hills brat
Christina Vrede
Christina Vrede Orë më parë
I love your hair
Carmine Cavaseno
Carmine Cavaseno Orë më parë
Sssniperwolf trust me online school hard as hell
Tyler Brandon
Tyler Brandon Orë më parë
What 😰😣
Savannah Colburn
Savannah Colburn Orë më parë
She needs to get her own hair transformation
꧁Ocean Ivy꧂
꧁Ocean Ivy꧂ Orë më parë
She really said “That Miku Hatsune BLUE!” Ya girl is a week uwu
Raegan Fry
Raegan Fry Orë më parë
王壹壹 Orë më parë
zainab Wasim
zainab Wasim Orë më parë
Your hair is so nice
Maci Lamb
Maci Lamb Orë më parë
I love you
Poke-a-dot -a-lot
Poke-a-dot -a-lot Orë më parë
Love your hair Lia! Also love your videos! Keep up da good work! :) <3
Funtimewildmutt Orë më parë
Hailey Boorman
Hailey Boorman Orë më parë
black hair
Gamergirlroblox Come join me
Gamergirlroblox Come join me Orë më parë
I see a rainbow right next you you
Osaki misuki
Osaki misuki Orë më parë
The first one tho -
Rick Hamm
Rick Hamm Orë më parë
Love 💕 it
Alivia Patterson
Alivia Patterson Orë më parë
Who remembers "snifferwolf"?
Anthony Malone
Anthony Malone Orë më parë
1:38 6ix9ine jealous
fifi Video
fifi Video Orë më parë
I have one side long and one side short
Parkezio's Gaming
Parkezio's Gaming Orë më parë
guys atari breakout and thanos snap dont work anymore for me anyone know how to fix this?
Sushi Pro
Sushi Pro Orë më parë
Sniper wolf: sir! Sir!? 👁👄👁 he deep fried an AirPod Me: 👁👄👁 why does it look good tho?
Camila Castro
Camila Castro Orë më parë
Me watching this right after getting my hair cut : 👁👄👁💅🏻
Sonia Zhang
Sonia Zhang Orë më parë
Just correcting u its not rainbow sparkle it’s rainbow dash
Izzy and Oliver
Izzy and Oliver Orë më parë
I am crying right now
Sarah joy
Sarah joy Orë më parë
The magazines were real, I have seen them before somewhere. I forgot but yeah they are real.
EkikaMess Orë më parë
Sophie World
Sophie World Orë më parë
O-O 💁😠😠😡😡
Glowing Dinosaur
Glowing Dinosaur Orë më parë
Me: But what if you breath out of both 👁👄👁
Sana Orë më parë
Nah that’s Marinette and Adrien
Jen Chisham
Jen Chisham Orë më parë
My dad can gleek
Esther Medrano
Esther Medrano Orë më parë
;-; that boy really be eating a whole brick
Totally_ Strawberri
Totally_ Strawberri Orë më parë
I like barbecue
GamerGirl bbygshaifan11
GamerGirl bbygshaifan11 Orë më parë
You know, if you want strong hair use pantene shampoo or try to make your self a banana rice hair mask
Hilda Perez
Hilda Perez Orë më parë
KatiePotatie Orë më parë
and i feel like sausage really loves lia
lennon bonds
lennon bonds Orë më parë
rainbow dash u mean lol
Mello Johnson
Mello Johnson Orë më parë
Casey Hudson
Casey Hudson Orë më parë
Is her hair bothering anybody else
Stephanie Truett
Stephanie Truett Orë më parë
Water dog
Cats are cute!
Cats are cute! Orë më parë
It’s Harvati cheese for me it’s the best
Marina Coronado
Marina Coronado Orë më parë
I love cheto
Stephanie Truett
Stephanie Truett Orë më parë
I’m going to say the water dog in comments have to stop right here
Qailyn Kimble
Qailyn Kimble Orë më parë
when i grow up i wanna be rainbow sparkle me: uhh its rainbow dash duhhh lol
Sofia Runge
Sofia Runge Orë më parë
I would never dye my hair cuz I have high lights
Blanca Miranda-ruiz
Blanca Miranda-ruiz Orë më parë
Dean Angelo Ducabo
Dean Angelo Ducabo Orë më parë
I rrally love your hair the little hair eater is cute🤣😍❤
Khadeeja Ahmed Abozekry
Khadeeja Ahmed Abozekry Orë më parë
Sssniperwolf:What r u a solid or a liquid Me: Here's ur answer it's a non nutonion flued Message to Sssniperwolf: I'm legit 10 yrs while ur like who knows 17 and I have ur answer!!!!!
Aayan Orë më parë
Sssniper wolf is so cooool! Who agrees? Comment below!
Izzy Orë më parë
Without looking at the comment’s
Alana Q
Alana Q Orë më parë
I was expecting when he opened his mouth to say well you're adopted even though he's his brother and he's probably older and probably has been older than her why just why
Rina Rivera
Rina Rivera Orë më parë
I love your hair
Savannah Colburn
Savannah Colburn Orë më parë
Not trying to be mean but it's rainbow dash and it's pronounced haisley if I'm correct but I'm pretty sure again not trying to be mean
The Eagle
The Eagle Orë më parë
That is so amazing that kid that can do that that was really talented I was like no way
TNTGamez Orë më parë
SSSniperwolf makes tiktok 1000% funnier
Melissa Cordero
Melissa Cordero Orë më parë
Bruh the mom is only sorry to Brianna because she’s pregnant with her granddaughter
ThanhTuyen Huynh
ThanhTuyen Huynh Orë më parë
SSSniperwolf in this vid: Nice. SSSniperwolf now: Am I a joke to you.
Garrett North
Garrett North Orë më parë
We should appreciate how she calls us friends
Potato_life 2309
Potato_life 2309 Orë më parë
She really said ahhh hehe
Chin Li Wei
Chin Li Wei Orë më parë
This video made me cry
Jill Chambliss
Jill Chambliss Orë më parë
Dang I have a x on my hahd
MoonyGacha 808
MoonyGacha 808 Orë më parë
ok but sniper but butterfly clips
Tapper's Death
Tapper's Death Orë më parë
Welp uh true gamers of minecraft know true bad and nightmares I am talk about creepers
The Plague
The Plague Orë më parë
And I'm 7 years old and my name is Isabella and I love your videos
Izzy Orë më parë
Can you spell funny
Samantha Ogletree
Samantha Ogletree Orë më parë
Funny avalanche came on the cars hopefully nobody was in there
TaylorzWorld Orë më parë
2:11 she kinda reminds me of Ariana Grande bcs how Ariana talks
Nicole Kline
Nicole Kline Orë më parë
But I got a nee a boo boo (I did)
MayaPlays Orë më parë
4:42 when he sat on the bunny 😂